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Look Who’s Walking Now : The Walking Dead Review

June 8, 2021
By holymoly SILVER, Tirana, Other
holymoly SILVER, Tirana, Other
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   When I heard the title of “The Walking Dead,” I thought the creators did a really good job with the title. However, have you ever watched “The Walking Dead”? The Walking Dead is a horror TV series based on the comic book series. I will evaluate it using different criteria: plot, cast, scenery, critics. Fair evaluation may help a reader decide if he/she wants to see this film. 
   The Walking Dead is a horror TV series based on the comic book series. The series begins when the protagonist, Rick Grimes, wakes up in a hospital weeks after being shot. When Rick Grimes looked around, he was in a mess. Fallen papers, smashed ceilings, and various bloodstains. The sight when he left the hospital was beyond his imagination. Numerous corpses and soldiers' weapons were scattered on the streets. He was confused because he did not see any people, only the dead and the tainted streets. Especially since he had just woken up from the hospital bed, he had no stamina. Morgan and his son (They are one of the survivors) confused Rick Grimes with a zombie and knock him out. They treated Rick and explained the situation that what is going on. Rick began looking for his son, Carl, and his wife, Lori. He believed his family was alive because he thought his wife and son took it as they escaped from the zombies because the family album had disappeared from his house. A few days later, Rick met his family, his best friend Shane, and the group they were living in. From now on, the story of survival from zombies and fighting and cooperation with other groups begins. 
   The cast was chosen in a smart and clever way. Andrew Lincoln is the protagonist, Rick Grimes, and Jon Bernthal is his best friend, Shane. In addition to "The Walking Dead", Andrew Lincoln has also worked on films such as "Love Actually" and "Penguin Bloom". He has won various awards, such as the People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Anti-Hero, and the Satellite Award for Best Ensemble. Shane, who played Rick Grimes' best friend, Jon Bernthal, has also done a lot of work. For example, he acted in the movie "Fury". Every actor acted in a realistic way and had viewers glued in front of the screen. 
   My favorite scene from the beginning of the series is when Rick Grimes wakes up from the hospital and then wanders around the mess with no one around. Because his acting was so real and from his acting, I can imagine how I would feel if I were Rick Grimes. I would have felt fear, anxiety, and strangeness. The scene I didn't like the most was the scene where people gradually lose their humanity after the zombie apocalypse. For example, there is a scene where one group loots food and weapons from another group for the benefit of the group to which it belongs. Through this scene, I felt that people can become more selfish if the world is destroyed. 
   There are many scenes where people who deviate from the rules of the world commit many crimes and lose their humanity. On the other hand, there are people who still want to protect their humanity even when the world is destroyed. The lesson to be learned from this is to not lose at least our humanity no matter how difficult the situation is. 
   I recommend this TV show to anyone who likes sudden horror or scary and brutal things. On the other hand, it is not recommended for children because there are a lot of brutal and dehumanizing scenes that can cause them nightmares. I like The Walking Dead because the series is fun and well done with the action of the protagonist and the people around him.  

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