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   A rock band needs more than just pretty album covers, cute flowery logos, ecstasy, and a memorable name to be successful; an innovative record company could help. Joining the family of the independent British record label, Creation Records (which includes such bands as Ride, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, My Bloody Valentine, and Swervedriver), is former Rough Trade artists, The Boo Radleys. Their latest release, "Adrenalin," is a worthy follow-up to one of my favorite records of all time, "Boo Up!"

Before this was released, I asked their talented lead singer to explain what I should expect from their new material, and he confidently replied, "We're a lot more directed toward what we want to do this time, since we know what works for us. Our new songs will be really different from each other, and much more intense." This new-found intensity is definitely the case with the "Adrenalin" EP. The opening song, "Lazy Days," is deceivingly titled, since the music starts off loud and fast. But the vocals are quite smooth and calming, and the entire song is less than two minutes long. "Vegas" is the second track and the guitars and vocals work well together for a nice relaxing, yet profound, effect. It's really a beautiful piece, which even your parents probably would not mind listening to. The third song, "Feels Like Tomorrow," kicks off with fierce drum beats and harsh, rigorous, guitar-driven energy. In other words, it has "hit" written all over it. Although this could be the "heaviest" song they've ever done, the lyrics, which are quite meaningful, remain clear and easy to understand. When I first heard the closing song, "Whiplashed," the words "magical, mystical and celestial" immediately came to mind. The somber, eerie guitars induce an enveloping, dreamlike atmosphere.

I highly recommend this EP to anyone who's willing to explore other types of music. This band, whose members are originally from Liverpool, particularly enjoys listening to groups like Mercury Rev, Sonic Youth, Babes in Toyland, and Dinosaur Jr. However, they cite their major influences as My Bloody Valentine and another Liverpool band ... "The reason why we're in a band is because of the Beatles," explained their songwriter/guitarist. And since they keep getting better, there is no doubt they could be very popular in America. And even if they don't achieve fame here, the oldest member of the band is a mere 23, so The Boo Radleys will hopefully at least be putting out great records in England for a long, long time. n

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