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Music In Lee

June 24, 2008
By Anonymous

For anyone who’s into underground rap, here are some artists to check out from Lee, as well as Pittsfield. You might be surprised by these local rappers. In Lee we have some underground rappers; I’m one of them. I rap in a group Deadly Minds of Lee with Jimmy Palmer, Cody Giles, and Josh Thorpe. Besides our group, there is Andrew Farrell (HandGun), and what is cool about this is that the music doesn’t just stop at Lee, It stretches out in Lenox with rappers such as G-Biz, and the Dead Poets Society! Besides Lenox you also have rappers in Pittsfield, such as X-Cell, Logic, Redeye, and probably a lot more than that. But in Lee we also have Shawn Baird who raps, as well as his friend Richie. They had both been in a group together called The Grave Walkas , who had recently had broken up! Another underground rap group contained in Lee , as well as Chatam, New York are the Kadaverz. The members of this group go under the names Spaz, Reaper, and Durge. Kadaverz in a way are horrorcore, they are also funny, and are a definite group to check out as well as other artists I have posted. Since music is popping up in Lee, as well as other places, the underground to me is expanding, which is great. Underground music is different than mainstream because of how everyone starts off and how they get their names out. It’s not some American idol show where you just sing in front of people and instantly get famous without working for it. A name in music is just hard to achieve, and that’s all- I’m going to wrap this article up for now.

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