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Back to School Play list 2011 by Various Artists

September 28, 2010
By Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
Katie R PLATINUM, Fort Plain, New York
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Well, here we are again. School is in session! Of course, all of the normal stuff that you need for the new school year is on your shopping list: new backpack, pencils, paper, and, who could forget, a new, totally awesome outfit for the all-important first day of school. But, wait a minute! We forgot a sweet play list for those long, boring homework nights and, of course, we need something to jam to during prom. That's why I got you covered with the following list of songs to a put a good groove into your school day.

1. "My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend" by Relient K. This is an energetic rock song by these Christian rockers who showcase their awesome songwriting talents with their creative lyrics about how a guy somehow got the girl of his dreams.

2. "Never Going Back to Okay" by The Afters is probably one of the biggest hits ever made by this band. And it's no wonder since this song has a beat all of its own that makes this song so recognizable. With unforgettable lyrics and an uplifting spirit this the perfect song to put on your play list for prom.

3. "Good Day" by AllStar Weekend. Using their unique mixture of rock beats and techno licks, this is the perfect song to start off your long school day and jam to with your friends during your homework sessions.

4. "We Weren't Born to Follow" by Bon Jovi is the perfect song for all of us who want to stand out from the crowd this school year. With soulful vocals, true-to-life lyrics, and an unbelievable guitar solo, it's no wonder that this song has become another hit for Bon Jovi to add to their already substantial and legendary hit-list.

5. "No Average Angel" by Tiffany Giardina definitely has a pop base but its rock flares spice up the beat a little and make this song worthy for both poppers and rockers alike.

6. "Picture to Burn" by Taylor Swift expresses everything that we wish we had the guts to say to those certain exes of ours, and with Taylor's perfected balance of country and rock beats it's the best theme song for all of those heartbreaks that you and your friends will encounter this school year.

7. "I Need a Break...But I'd Rather Have a Breakthrough" by Rocket Summer. This up and coming band has already proved themselves to be one of the next big things in music, and with their wonderfully energetic and soulful style, I can't wait to see what the Rocket Summer puts out next.

8. "Move Along" by The All-American Rejects. A classic for this generation and a perfect track for your back to school play list. Also be sure to check out the totally creative music video for one of the most memorable hits of the 2000's.

9. "Awakening" by Switchfoot is a true awakening for any listener. With it's power rock edge and sing-along chorus, it's no wonder that this track has been named another hit for the guys of Switchfoot.

10. "Telephone" by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce. It's electric chorus and power-house vocals of two of today's best female singers makes this song absolutely irresistable.

So, there you have it; some of today's and yesterday's best hits put in a play list that will help you get through those boring all-night study sessions and even give you some awesome jams for that all-important prom night. And congratulations to the class of 2011! We did it!!! And enjoy!

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