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Captain America: The First Avenger

May 26, 2016
By nonottelling GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
nonottelling GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Captain America, the first Avenger Everyone wishes that they were able to experience two different eras or at least travel back in time. This case came true for Marvel’s Captain america, he was a soldier who was in World War Two and is still alive today, that was the first movie in the trilogy though .Now with the new Captain America movie out it seems like the first one has just been forgot about, which is understandable because the huge impact of the movie on the whole Marvel franchise turning two major popular characters on each other. As the Captain America story nears a halt people have lost touch of where the three movie long story began. So bringing back the beginning and covering its main story plot, the reviews it received, and expressing my own opinion on the movie, hopefully the beginning of a movie series will not be forgotten. In the beginning of World War Two there was a man named Steve Rogers who lived in New York city. Steve was in his twenties and was very scrawny, out of shape, and had had Cancer. He looked up to his best friend Bucky Barnes who was a soldier in the American Army and protected Steve whenever he was being beat up or bullied. When the two of them went to the World’s Fair Steve saw a Army recruitment booth and was convinced by the recruiter to join the U.S army, but when Steve had been in the Army for around a month he was realizing how hard it was and he had not even passed Basic training. The drill instructors and the military officials were getting ready to send Steve home, thankfully for Steve, one man saved the day and suggested that he be used for a military experiment. The experiment was to artificially increase someone's muscle mass and preserve them so they would be able to live longer. Everyone doubted that Steve should do it and instead suggested that someone who was muscular should do it, but the theory was that a strong person knows the power of being strong and would abuse it if they were stronger, while a smaller person would realize the potential and use it for good purposes.


In the end the experiment worked and Steve got stronger, but only started off as a performer known as Captain America. He performed for soldiers in Europe until while he was in a performance he heard his best friend and hundreds of other men were captured by a special force group known as Hydra. So Steve took a plane and parachuted into the base where he freed the hundreds of men and Bucky, but met his soon to bee worst enemy who is the leader of Hydra. When Steve found out about Hydra and its leader he turned it into his destiny to stop them from accomplishing their goal of getting the tesseract cube. The tesseract cube was made but the norse gods, and had enough power to give Hydra control of the world with their advanced technology. As the story goes on Steve is dedicated to stopping Hydra and stops at no cost, but he gets slowed down when Bucky dies. After a few years Hydra takes the tesseract cube, and the U.S army launches a full out attack on Hydra. Towards the end of the battle Steve jumps onto the aircraft of the leader of Hydra, where he finds nuclear bombs targeted to cities all over the world. Steve fights his way to the room where the leader of Hydra is, and plans to sink the ship in the ocean, so after a long fight the aircraft plummets into the Atlantic ocean where Steve goes into a coma. After over 60 years Steve wakes up and runs into a busy city where he realises how much time has passed. From skinny to strong the story of Steve Rogers is interesting and full of action, or so I thought but some critics disagree. 


There is many websites that review movies, but I only chose a few that I believe are the most reliable. IMDB gives Captain America a 6.8 out of 10 which is a pretty good rating. It received this rating because many people expressed how the loved the movie and how its story line fit the comic so well, while others stated that it was confusing and that Captain America was not a likable figure in the movie. Because of such split reviews Captain America got almost a half rating by IMDB. IMDB is not the only website that has the rating split, Metacritic also has about a half rating of 66 out of 100 according to 43 critic reviews, which isn’t very many but it is obvious that the vote was split. Captain America had a $140,000,000 budget and made $170,000,000, that really is a close call for marvel by only making $30,000,000 showing that there wasn’t a really big push to go see the movie and people weren’t extremely interested in seeing the movie. It also didn’t have very big ’names, the lead role was played by Chris Evans and the biggest name was Tommy Lee Jones. The film’s director was Joe Johnston who is popular for films like Jumanji, and Jurassic park II, so Captain America is considerably different than his other films. Half and half would probably be the best term to describe Captain America according to some major movie review industries, personally my opinion is much different than others All of the big shot movie review companies think that Captain america was a Fairly average movie, while my opinion varies a lot.


I thought that it was an extremely good movie. Right from the beginning there was plenty of action that kept me focused throughout the whole movie, I also liked the story and time period. I was also a huge fan of the acting, I really liked Chres Evans, and all of the other actors and actresses that were really good for not being such huge actors. The main antagonist and conflict were really cool and marvel gave that a really good touch that made me even oppose the red faced bad guy. The conclusion in my opinion was fantastic and made me want to watch the next Captain America, because of how exciting it was. There was some room for improvement though, for example not building on only two character plots or one main story. I probably would have given this movie a 8 or 9 out of 10 instead of a 5, 6, or 7, but in all my say on this is nowhere as important as others Captain America was a movie with a action filled plot where a nobody turned into a nation wide hero, but the critics thought the hero’s story was bland and didn’t give it the strongest rating, as my own review is a big change as to where I would highly recommend this movie to all audiences. The first Captain America movie by Marvel kind of set the spot for the avengers series, being the first avenger and it is important to remember where it came from. So even though we all can’t travel in time or live in two eras and be the same age, it is always fun to watch it in movies where it is possible.

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