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America: Freedom to Fascism?

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

America: Freedom to Fascism?
Directed by Aaron Russo

This movie is definately an eye-opener. I reccommend EVERYONE watch it... I am not really a documentary girl but this one packs a punch and is very action-packed and interesting.It shows the bull side to something everyone will 'have' to do one day in their lives... Pay Income taxes.

Did you know that the IRS will NOT show any judge or jury a LAW that says people MUST pay an income tax.... Also as interesting; income is NOT defined in the IRS book.... Guess what INCOME means.... Corporate income! It does NOT in any way mean labor or individual income. Russo really did his homework, along with a great list of info sources, there are interveiws with people like former IRS agents, Jurors on court cases involving 'tax fraud', judges, lawyers, and even the former IRS commissioner... He was a character.

In addition to the (very) interesting and outragious tax problems, there is a segment about the REAL ID chip. The one they hope to have going by MAY of 2008... (I swear, the apocolypse is HERE....) It is a small glass chip about the size of a grain of rice that's implanted into your arm. If you do NOT get the chip, it is said that you CANNOT: Board a US plane, bus, or any other public transit OR open an account at any Federal bank. They also may start out by not letting you BUY anything because the chip will be in money, foods, nail polish! It will be like an ATM card stuffed into your arm. Essentially the goverment is making it so you cannot SURVIVE without this GPS tracible chip. They will know WHO you give your money to, HOW MUCH you gave them, and WHAT you got in return.


The (best) worst part is when there are many quotes going across the screen. Some from former presidents and one very shocking one from our current President George W. Bush... I quote "The constitiution is just a goddamn piece of paper." THEN it shows him being sworn into office under it! What the **** ARE WE DOING!?!

There were laws and statutes like: Under 15887 or something the president can declare a state of emergency and Congress CANNOT investigate it for 6 months!

Under some other law If you are required to spy on a neighbour (be s/he a mafia member or other harmful thing) even wear a wire and you refuse, you can spend your LIFE in prision.

I encourage EVERYONE to watch this movie or at least go to their website to see what Aaron Russo is about... (

R.I.P. Aaron Russo. You've helped me see the dark side of our country and I am helping spread your dream of knowledge to everyone I know.

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