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Saw IV

December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

Saw IV

Jigsaw, the mastermind behind all this gory mess, is dead. In the movie Saw IV, he still continues to torture and murder people, as he swallows yet another recorded tape. When the autopsy is taking place, the morticians find the tape covered in wax. They play it and call in the SWAT team to investigate; that is when pandemonium struck. This movie is rated “R” for violence, nudity, language, and torture throughout. Tobin Bell played as Jigsaw, and Scott Patterson is also one of the main characters.

In the sequels of Saw, Jigsaw tends to go after his victims that were addicted to drugs or anything illegal. He then tortures them by setting them in their own death trap in which they must do something extremely painful and/or humiliating in order to survive. In Jigsaws mind, he thinks he is only doing what is right in this screwed up world.

The message that the movie is trying to get across is to think before you do something you know is not right. If that something would be an addiction, you would not only be hurting yourself, but others as well. Jigsaw will clearly let you know how. Think before you act.

Overall, I think this movie was great for wanting to see a gory suspenseful, horror movie. This would be the one to see if that is what you are looking for. It has everything you can think of, from tearing off limbs, ripping out your eyeballs, to killing your best friend in order to survive. The critics said it was more disturbing than entertaining. I personally think a horror movie is supposed to be disturbing. Other critics said it was the best horror movie in decades. I went to the theater to see a gory movie and that is what I got, I, personally, was content with what I saw.

Saw IV is not a movie for little children for the fact that it has a lot of blood, gore, and not to mention the sound of twisting, mangled limbs being ripped off in the unforgiving machines of death. I probably wouldn't bring my child there.

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