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8 Seconds

September 29, 2015
By Anonymous

A movie that is based on a true story, there is a boy named lane and he wants to ride bulls. His dad rode bucking horses but he didn’t ride bulls. He started riding steers at a young age. It is a film that has a beginning a middle and an end. Lane Frost he was an avid young man who rodeo all over him started riding bulls and went strong until he got his pro card. After a couple of years he eventually won the world at the end of the book.

Lane frost was an avid bull rider who was on a destination to win the world and at couple of rodeos he met a young barrel racer named Kelly Kyle and fell in love immediately. He had a good friend named Tuff Hedeman. They traveled all over the country hitting rodeo after rodeo. He eventually got his spot in the top of the leader board. He got married to Kelly and they both went to the WNFR in Las Vegas. Where Lane took the top spot in the world. But He was really wanting to conquer the world’s best bull red rock.

Lane was going to take him on one day and it was going to be good. So that’s what lane did he rode red rock but barely he made it though. That was after the finals. He went to Cheyanne right after the world win and got on a bull, Kelly was in the stands watching and cheering him on. Lane got out on the bull and he spun back lane was right in timing with this beast and he managed to cover it. Right after the whistle blew lane got tossed off right in front of the bulls head, with a couple quick strides the bulls hit him in the back and broke his ribs witch caused it to stab him internally, he took three steps and fell over his limp body lay there in the middle of the arena.

This book was based on a true story of a world champion bull rider who had his life taken from him when he was in Cheyanne Wyoming at a pro rodeo. He broke all his ribs witch killed him and it was a very sad movie and it was like it all just happened and came true. Kelly still cherish and loves lane and hopes to see him once again. 

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