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August Rush

March 21, 2008
By Anonymous

The movie 'August Rush' is different and exciting. You would not be able to start watching it, and then stop in the middle. You have to watch the whole thing, because it keeps you in a sort of suspense the whole way through.
'August Rush' is about a young boy who lives in a boys home. He is misunderstood by the other boys because of his love for music. The boy's parents do not even know that he is still alive! His parents are young, and his father plays guitar and sings in a band. While his mother plays the cello and is famous for it. But the father has no idea that he has a son, and is separated from the boy's mother. The mother, who got in a car accident close around to the time when she was supposed to have the baby, was knocked out for a very long time. When she awoke, her father told her that she had lost the baby. When in actuality, he had foraged her signature on adoption papers, and had the baby boy taken away to a boy's home.
Now the boy is around 12 years old. And he says that he is starting to hear the music. He thinks that his parents are playing music for him, as their way to help him discover them. Everyone thinks he is crazy, so the boy runs away from the boys home. And he follows the music.
He gets to a city after a few days, and sees a boy, younger than him, playing guitar and singing on a street corner. He walks up to him and asks him about how he learned to play like that. The young boy reluctantly takes the boy to see who he calls "The Wizard." The wizard takes in orphaned children and teaches them music, then they perform on the streets for money. The wizard takes in the boy, and says that his stage name is going to be 'August Rush.' And that if anyone asks him what his name is, he should say that. August miraculously teaches himself how to play guitar, and soon becomes the wizard's favorite.
August plays on the street corner for money and lots of people think that he is amazing.
Meanwhile, August's mother's father is dying. While he lays on his death bed, he tells his daughter what he did with August. August's mother is so shocked and angry at her father. So she begins to look for August.

At the same time, August's father is searching for August's mother. He has quit his band because he is so depressed from not seeing her.

And the search begins for one another. Eventually, they all end up in the same city, but are not finding each other. They are so close, but yet, so far away.

August continues to perform with his guitar, and loves doing it. But after a few weeks, August wants to leave the wizard in search for his parents again. The wizard gets angry and tells August that he is not allowed to leave, and the wizard starts to keep a very close eye on August. The wizard is crazy, and August was beginning to realize that.

Now I won't say anything more, because I don't want to spoil the movie, but hopefully I have said enough to make you want to rent this movie. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life, and how the story unravels with drama, music, and love is incredibly touching and moving. You should DEFINENTLY go see movie!!

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