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Alvin and the Chipmunks

December 15, 2007
By JaysynB190 SILVER, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JaysynB190 SILVER, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Alvin and The Chipmunks

We all know those
beloved 'munks....what's that you say? Who the heck are the Chipmunks? FOR SHAME!!! How could you know about timid and adorable Theodore or brainiac Simon? How could you not know the legend that is smart-mouthed and debonair Alvin? Well, I'm appalled. So anyway(obsessed much?), the three brothers were living out in a nice, pine tree...which just happened to be in a nursery. See, t'was Christmas time in a Calfornian town and Jett Records needed a new Christmas tree to decorate their lushious lobby. Dwelling in the lobby at the tree's arrival was David Seville(Jason Lee)...a thirty-something market advitiser/down in the dumps song writer...ready to show his "friend" record exec. Ian Hawke(David Cross) his new hit single...which got Dave a hit out the door. So Dave returns home and celebrates his newest failure by throwing out all his musical equipment out the door. He relaxes on the couch when he hears a strange noise. As he sifts through his kitchen cabinets, he happens upon three chipmunks who snuck back home with him, one whom knocks him with a jar of popcorn. Later that night, he awoke to the Chipmunks asking him if he was ok? Wait a minute...CHIPMUNKS CAN'T TALK!!! Well as Simon puts it,"Our lips are moving...and words are coming out." Freaked out, Dave throws them out into the rain and decided that was the end of that. Until he heard a very good acapella version of a classic song and puts two and two together. The boys sing his songs...he lets them stay. When Dave is ready to show Ian the 'munks...they get stage fright and Dave is viewed as a raving lunatic....including in the eyes of his ex-gilrfriend Claire(Cameron Richardson) To top it all off, Dave gets fired from his actual job due to the boys "coloring." At home, the Chipmunks raise chaos, pushing Dave to the brink of abandoning them in a park. The boys, sensing Dave's frustration, leave and find Ian who makes them an overnight sensation. Over time...they keep getting bigger and better, leaving Dave and his "all about the music attitude" for "Uncle Ian's life of fortune and fun" loaded with toys and gadgets. Will the boys return to their roots with Dave...or live the lifestyles of the rich and famous with selfish Uncle Ian? Well, go and see.

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Presty6 BRONZE said...
on Mar. 4 2015 at 12:14 pm
Presty6 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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What the heck! This is not a review! You did not even tell me what you thought about the movie! A review has to have an opinion to be a review. This is just a summary of movie!