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In all my times of being a film writer, reviewing this film months and months after its initial release in December will live down as one of the biggest regrets I have ever made. The reason behind this is because it is one of the most original and romantic films in a long time, and is easily the best film of 2013

Her is a Spike Jones love story set in the near future, where technology has advanced dramatically. It tells the story about a lonely writer named Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), on his final stages of his divorce. After purchasing an operating system, he develops an unlikely relationship and falls in love with his OS named Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson), who possesses her own personality similar to a human.

The relationship between Theodore and Samantha is one of the most realistic portrayals of a relationship. Describing the relationship of a man who falls in love with an operating system isn't just enough. When watching the film, you get the taste of the real emotions that both of these characters have. For starters, Theodore may be a successful writer, but he's very lonely. For starters, his wife has left him, as he is about to go through a divorce. He mostly spends his time playing video games and not socializing to the outside world. He also doesn't have any real friends, besides the one that Amy Adams excellently portrays. Joaquin Phoenix portrayed him in an excellent manner, as we are able to feel the loneliness and sorrow that his character goes through. We also get to see when he does feel actual happiness and joy. His performance is easily one of his best, as he makes us sympathize for his character and the struggles he goes through, as well as helping the fact of making his relationship with Samantha believable.

Scarlett Johansson as Theodore's operating system Samantha is easily her best performance so far in her career. She was able to deliver an actual emotional personality that many would not think and come from a computer system. The reason why Samantha is a great character is because she feels human. She has actual human emotional and characteristics. She has human problems and she acts human. She has wonders and dreams and visions and thoughts. Scarlett Johansson is a huge factor in why she succeeds. This is a phrase that many critics use, and one that I refuse to say unless they deserve it. That being said, Johansson performance is a tour-de-force performance. It is very difficult for us to feel for a character that never appears on screen, but her voice acting performance is so perfect that her present is felt throughout the film. She also makes us feel for why someone like Theodore can fall in love with her, as she is her own personality.

But the main point that this film has is the relationship between Theodore and Samantha. There are two reactions that people will have while watching their relationship. Some might see it as very moving and romantic, and others will see it as weird and uncomfortable. But the strength of their relationship is that it combines both of these elements. The reason why is because their relationship feels real. Theodore and Samantha have such great chemistry, as they both understand each other's needs and desire. Their relationship is also a great metaphor of how personality and chemistry is key to a successful relationship, not one that is based on only looks. It's about the chemistry and personality that makes it real. This pretty sums up their relationship. Although Theodore can't see Samantha, he respects her because of her personality and willingness to understand humans. The relationship between them are more realistic than any romance films found in any Nicolas Sparks films, as each of them have human-like problems and human-like emotions. This is why their relationship works, because it feels real. It feels like an actual relationship that many couples go through. Theodore and Samantha each go through problems that humans go through, and Spike Jones plays it out like a master.

That not to say that their isn't weird elements in their relationship, While there are some sweet and touching moments that makes you care about the character, it doesn't hide the fact that it can also be weird and uncomfortable. Their relationship is very complex and bizarre, as he does fall in love with a computer system. The film makes it clear that Theodore should probably be with an actual human, but it also shows that Theodore loves Samantha because of her excellent personality and ability to act and have human characteristics. Again, it shows how love doesn't come from looks and appearance, but also through the personality. Yet despite all this, some viewers can still see it as a weird and sad relationship. But the film knows that and tries to show both the cute and romantic parts as well as the weird and

This is one of the best romance films in recent years. The reason why this works is because of Spike Jones brilliant writing and excellent storytelling, in which he was able to make every single character felt so real and very relatable. It is very difficult to make us care about a character that falls in love with a computer system. But Spike Jones was able to deliver it in masterpiece storytelling. Everything in this film felt real, ESPECIALLY the relationship between Theodore and Samantha, one of the strangest yet romantic couples in film history.

Spike Jones was also able to show us a mirror of what the future can look like. It is the most realistic portrayal of what the future may look in a couple of years, especially technology. The world that Spike Jones created also seemed real and that is the biggest strength of the film. The relationship between Theodore and Samantha also brings another underlining message of how technology has influenced us. Here's something I want you to do. Next time you're at a store, mall, or restaurant, see how much people are on their phones. It quite a lot, isn't it? Spike Jones is also able to show how much humans are using technology and how it's influences us, through the relationship of Theodore and Samantha, which is also another hidden message found in Spike Jone's film.

Spike Jones won the 86th Academy Awards for Best Orignal Screenplay and he deserved to win the award. The relationship between Theodore and Samantha is one of the most realistic and bittersweet romance in film history. The characters each have excellent personality and Jones is able to make us care for them. He is able to balance both the romantic and weirdness of their relationship. He was also able it complex and original. The world that Jones created is one that can most likely happen in 10 to 15 years from now. The story is fantastic and sweet, the dialogue between the characters feel real, the world that he created was amazing. Her is one of the most original sci-fi romantic films ever made since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Her is easily my favorite film that came out in 2013. It is incredibly original, as Spike Jones is able to make us care about the strong relationship between Theodore and Samantha. He was able to bring underlining messages about what really matters in a relationship and the influence technology has in our society. Her: A Spike Jones Love Story is not only a MASTERPIECE; it is easily #1 Best Film of 2013.

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