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The Matrix

May 21, 2008
By Joshua Wan BRONZE, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
Joshua Wan BRONZE, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
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Even after watching it 9 years after the making, “The Matrix” still reveals the reason for its original popularity and acclaim. At first glance at the original TV advertisements, the movie seems like a movie with excessive slow-mo and corny sci-fi moves. However, after actually watching it, I realized how much genius went into the making of the plot and the numerous metaphorical devices. The timing of the information that is given to you is meticulously placed, so it keeps the viewer wanting to find out more, but at the same time, feeds them necessary information so the viewer doesn’t get too confused.

By day, Thomas Anderson lives a normal life as a computer programmer, but by night, he lives his life as Neo, a computer hacker. By night, he spends countless hours searching for something or someone. He doesn’t know what it is, but he wants an answer. He finally gets that answer when he meets Trinity, a woman who seems to have unreal abilities and Morpheus, a hacker categorized as a terrorist by the government. Neo soon learns that his whole life, everything he could see, smell, taste, and touch, was all part of a complex computer program called the Matrix. While the people themselves are real, nothing they experience is. The people don’t really live in 1999; they unknowingly live in a world 200 years later.

In this world, robots dominate and have humans as their energy source. To keep the humans under control, the robots then developed the Matrix, a programmable world with basic rules like gravity. In the real world of 2199, many of the humans “live” in little sacs. These sacs connect to the human body at different connection points to make the “world” created by the Matrix as real as possible. Unfortunately, the only place humans have left on Earth is Zion, an underground city for humans and the place that the robots will stop at nothing to destroy. After learning that he is the One, Neo realizes it is his job to save Zion and destroy the Matrix.

The Matrix has an amazing plot combined with edge of your seat suspense. And although it is an old movie, I would recommend it to everyone (who is allowed to) to watch it.

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Joey. said...
on Oct. 5 2013 at 9:09 am
Joey., Beijing, Other
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it's so amazing!!! I've watched it again  last summer holiday,i love it!