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   The gift of finding value or agreeable things by accident - that's what serendipity is. And that's exactly whathappens with this movie. I walked into the theater expecting a slow, romanticstory with a dull plot. Instead, the story captivated me with its excitingromantic mystery.

The movie opens with Jonathan Trager (John Cusack) andSarah Thomas (Kate Beckinsale) meeting in a busy New York City department store.Both are searching for Christmas gifts, and they happen to choose the same lastpair of gloves. After each insists the other take them, they spend the eveningstrolling together around Manhattan. At evening's end, Jonathan suggests tradingphone numbers, although both are involved with others. Sarah decides they shouldlet fate determine their next meeting, and devises a clever plan. She writes herphone number in a book to be sold at a used bookstore, and Jonathan writes his ona five-dollar bill. If one finds the other's item, they are supposed tocall.

The movie shifts ahead a few years to find Jonathan and Kate engagedto others. They still have each other on their minds, although neither hasreceived a "sign." Then their search begins. A few close calls sparkinterest and mystery. The developing plot generates magical and unexpectedevents.

The actors play their parts exceedingly well, making their rolesbelievable. Molly Shannon of "Saturday Night Live" and "Will &Grace" plays Kate's quirky but wise friend, and adds humor to the movie'sslow parts.

The ending is romantic, though predictable. I left the theatersatisfied. "Serendipity" is a romantic comedy worth seeing.

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i love this so much!