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September 20, 2013
By Trace.C.Schuelke PLATINUM, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Trace.C.Schuelke PLATINUM, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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"Secrets are secrets for a reason, and some do not wish to see them uncovered. Especially when the secrets are particularly unseemly..."

We've all been in this ­scenario at some point. You've turned off the lights, you're getting under your covers, and you're just about to close your eyes when suddenly – bam! – a loud noise ­resounds from somewhere in your house. Your mind races through every possible cause. And when you run out of explanations, you can only assume one thing: paranormal activity.

The now-famous movie “Paranormal Activity” originally set out to discover the cause of these bump-in-the-night situations. The film centers on a young couple, Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston, who have just moved into their suburban San Diego dream home. For the first few nights, everything seems normal, but after Katie reveals to Micah that she's had paranormal experiences in the past, he sets up a video camera to tape them as they sleep. And that's when things really begin to escalate.

The film spans about three weeks. During this time, the spiritual presence in the house becomes more active, moving bed sheets and whispering Katie's name as she sleeps. Distraught, Micah and Katie turn to a psychic, Dr. Mark Fredrichs, who informs them that the entity is solely after Katie and is not a ghost but a demon. The news hits Katie hard, and it further fuels Micah's desire to capture
the malicious spirit on film. This creates tension between them, and in turn, gives the demon more negative energy to feed on, allowing even more activity.

“Paranormal Activity” is a very special kind of scary movie. It focuses on the subtle things, like strange shadows and slight movements, rather than over-the-top jump scares. The most terrifying part of this film is that it feels real because all the scenes seem true-to-life; the characters even have the same names as the actors. Everything flows in a disturbingly real way, making viewers question what occurs in their own home.

As a whole, “Paranormal Activity” hits every horror button perfectly. The scares are fantastic, the story is intriguing, and the setting is so eerily real that it will send chills through even seasoned horror-movie aficionados. If you are a fan of horror, “Paranormal ­Activity” is an absolute must-watch. Just be sure to leave the lights on.

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on Sep. 28 2014 at 11:17 pm
Crystallite BRONZE, Santa Elena, Other
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like OMFG thats for scarying me... now i will neevr off the lights lol but on a serious note this is so amazing! nice piece of work you got here. i really enjoyed reading this, and now i so want to see the movie :-D AWESOME JOB !!!!!