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June 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Stardust is an incredibly told fairy tale that can be retold hundreds and hundreds of times without losing its charm. The story is infact several in one.

The first is of a young boy, Tristan, who wants to win the heart of his love, Victoria before his rival Humphrey does. And to do that he agrees to get her a fallen star. To do that he has to cross "the wall". A wall that supposedly seperates the real world and a magical realm.

The other is about the other side of "the wall" where the King of Stormhold (the town on the other side of the wall)has dided. But before he dies, he declares to his three remaining sons (out of 7) that he who finds the necklace with the ruby (which is turned clear by his declaration) in it and turn the ruby red again shall be king. Then as he dies the necklace shoots off into the sky and knocks the star out of the sky.

Also Yvannie is the star that fell out of the sky and is now being hunted by Lamia and her sisters. Who are three witches who plan on killing Yvannie when her heart is most a glow and eat it to gain an eternity of youth and beauty.

It might be a little long but it is definately worth it. Stardust is an extremely well thought out story with a twist and turns that you never see coming.

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