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Sydney White

November 2, 2007
By Anonymous

Sydney White is the totally sweet modern adaptation of Disney’s Snow White. Sydney goes to college, gets kicked out of her sorority because the president of the sorority, the reigning ‘campus queen’, doesn’t like her. Finds herself in the semi-capable arms of the seven nerds. With the help of her prince, Sydney and the nerds set off to conquer the campus!

I would give this movie three and seven eighths stars. The story line was well adapted. The casting for each of the characters was absolutely phenomenal- I couldn’t think of better people for each of the seven nerds if I tried, and as always, Amanda Bynes shown through in her adorably funny manner. As a whole it was an absolutely hilarious film, with a great theme. So, boys if you are looking for a date movie this sure to make her laugh! (And if she questions, “Why Sydney White?” Just tell her you read it here!)

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