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New Moon

November 29, 2009
By PinkPrincess GOLD, Wellington, Florida
PinkPrincess GOLD, Wellington, Florida
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In this titillating vampire, box office movie - New Moon, the second in a series of four books, written by acclaimed author Stephanie Meyer - Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play the main characters Bella Swan, an ordinary Arizona girl who moves back to Forks, Washington to live with her dad, who then meets and falls for Edward Cullen the tortured vampire.
These are no ordinary vampires. They consider themselves vegetarians because they only drink the blood of wild animals and don't prey upon people. As we saw in the first movie Bella and Edward are still together but not for long.
Edward leaves Forks to "protect" Bella, who is then heartbroken by his rejection. She closes herself off to the world and falls into a state of dejection. But her long time childhood friend Jacob Black - played by Taylor Lautner - soon helps her deal with her scenario.
This movie picks up from where Twilight ends. Directed by Chris Weitz, New Moon is action filled with all the viewers will want in a movie - love, loss, heartbreak, depression, shirtless guys (wink, wink, Taylor Lautner and his wolf pack), vampiric studs, evil vampires, fighting and a whole lot more.
New Moon is an adventure from the middle to the end. Even though Jacob wants to protect Bella more than Edward seems to, Jacob fails to win Bellas' affections where her love is concerned. But gives it readily and wholeheartedly to Edward, whom she is convinced is her one true love.
New Moon has sold billions and has been viewed by millions of people world wide, it is clever and I must say better scripted, performed and directed than Twilight was. I was sort of
apprehensive of seeing this movie because of how the first one turned out but I feel like it was money well spent.

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