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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

February 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Ah, Rocky Horror- how do I even describe this slice of tawdry theatrical genius? I could begin by saying that it's a film that somehow finds a way to be both a masterpiece and atrocity at the same time- or I could just sing “Science Fiction/Double Feature”- because it's a perfect sample of the absolute craziness this movie is all about.

And what is this movie about? Two cool kids, newly engaged Brad and Janet, have car trouble on a remote country rode and must hoof it to the nearest shelter. This happens to be an eerie looking castle run by Dr. Frank N. Furter, (played by Tim Curry in drag) a transvestite who insists on showing the two unsuspecting folks his newest creation- literally, the perfect man.

Now, see, the key to watching this film is not to focus to much on what the point of it is, because there is no point. Don't ask yourself why you're spending two hours seeing it, because there's probably no reason- to put it simply, this is a film that makes less sense than Anne Heche in her Celeste years. But that's what makes it so brilliant.

So whether you're going to see the stage performance or curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, be sure to leave all of your inhibitions and practicality behind- you wont need it to watch this movie. It's soul purpose in life is to be a fun, gaudy, ridiculous, gross, audacious comedy that nobody is supposed to understand, and it completes this goal. It's an all over good time that doesn't make you think at all- and sometimes you find that a show like that is just what you need.

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