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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Sacred Heart Hospital: Good Choice?

Sacred Heart Hospital, recommendation? The public think so! Scrubs are the name of the show and home of the craziest doctors and interns known to man. Scrubs should be watched because anything and everything can happen resolving in great acting; it has an ever-changing plot, and a great setting.

The main character is Dr. Dorian ( J.D.) who doesn’t have the common sense that god gave him. He consults his mentorish acquaintance who hates him with a passion ( Dr. Perry Cox) about every single thing. Other than that, J.D. is always hitting on some hot chick he just met at work or on the street or spending time at home with his best friend Turq (a big black man). His rubbery face can and will contort into every facial expression and show every felling or emotions known. His mind is the best part because he is always thinking of something perverted to say.

The plot keeps the viewer’s attention in many ways. Every event is even more hilarious than the last. The best plot change that happens through the series was when J.D. slides into the room, to miss the gurney in the way, to see a patient with unknown abominable pains. When asked what she had J.D. faked a call because he didn’t know what was wrong. As he left the he literally tackled the gurney that was in the way.

The setting is great because it never changes. It’s always in Sacred Heart Hospital. Anything can happen in the hospital from a fight with couples to abet to a fight between janitors. It always has some life changing event like a marriage or a death. Sometimes the janitor gets the girl.

Basically, Scrubs should watch because of its great acting, awesome plot, and crazy set. This show will change how you view sit-coms because of its originality. Anything that happens in it always has a connection on some kind to real life. From the acting to the theme, this show has inspired many viewers in many ways. The greatest aspect of Scrubs is its ability to entertain even the most skeptical of viewers. If you need to watch something to get you into a good mood, Scrubs would be the best choice.

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