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March 1, 2023
By Anonymous

“Fall” is a thrill indulging, heart dropping movie based on two climbers climbing to extraordinary heights. The director Scott Mann makes you feel like you are one of the characters with his up roaring play on the characters and the realism of the settings. Scott Mann makes your palms sweaty, your heart race, and your jaw drop with his amazing development of each character and how you get to experience and see each side of the characters. 
The movie starts off with Becky drowning in a sea of grief after a life-altering scare that sadly killed her loving husband Dan. After the incident, Becky never wanted to climb ever again; or so she thought. Her thrill-seeking, dare devil best friend Hunter reignite, Becky into the climbing world with heights like no other. The two extraordinary climbers embark on an adventure no one has ever experienced, they decide to climb the 2,000-foot B67 TV tower located in Walnut Grove, California. But when the climb to the top doesn’t go as planned how will they forage for food and survive many long and exhausting days? 
I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who loves thrill seeking, adventure and heart dropping movies like me. This movie is roller coaster of a ride with its many hearts stopping moment, that will leave your jaw dropping at the end. This movie has so many great moments but one thing that I didn’t like about the movie was the ending. For me the end of the movie felt rushed, and I felt like Scott Mann could of took the time to put more detail into the ending a bit more. I felt like at the end of the movie I was waiting for more to happen and for him to go more in-depth with the ending and the character after the movie. All in all, I love this movie and would highly recommend it to experienced or new climbers at any level.  

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