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Little Shop of Horrors

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Little Shop of Horrors is a fantastic piece of musical history. It is a bit eerie but only rated PG. It takes you away with its wonderful songs and utter creepiness. The movie is about a nerdy man named Seymour who accidentally grows a bloodthirsty plant, Audrey 2. He works at a flower shop with the beautifully abused Audrey and his suspicious boss. The songs in the movie tell the wonderfully morbid story of Seymour at its fullest. This story is set on the broken street, Skid Row, where all the poor and the deadbeats live. This movie is for the comedy and musical lovers alike. You’ll in love with its quirky songs and funny storyline. This movie is not for those who are easily frightened. This story is a sweetly dark tale that people will love. The narrators of this story are sassy and fully spunky. They tell the story with confidence through their crystal voices. The wonderful Rick Moranis plays the part of Seymour with wonderful conviction of who Seymour really is. Ellen Green plays the quiet beauty Audrey and captures you with her wonderful performance. All in all, this movie is a wonderful musical turned movie and will make you laugh, cry, and wish you could sing!

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