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It's Fear that Makes People Alive -- A Reflection from Love, Death and Robot S1E1

July 4, 2022
By SissiKang BRONZE, Beijing, Other
SissiKang BRONZE, Beijing, Other
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The context for Sonnie’s Edge is about the excessive capitalism and thriving underground economy that “crave the pain” in Sonnie’s flesh. Her childhood innocence and vulnerability made her a toy of the powerful capitalists, or a hostage. The riches can sabotage Sonnie whenever they want to use violence, which leaves deep scars on Sonnie’s body. Thus, Sonnie has a strong thirst for revenge. “Every time when I step into that ring, I’m fighting for my life. That fear is my edge. That fear of death.” She can win all the battles because she bet everything: her life, and her faith. She never treats battle rounds like simple games, but the vengeful combats against the capitalist and people in power. She has the spirit of a warrior. Her strong personhood endows her rebirth, the bravery to challenge the power, and the determination to fight for her past pain. This faith makes her fearful and alert all the time, which grants her a unique edge on the arena compared with those who only engage for rewards. This film captures me by claiming that fear is a kind of edge, the code of victory. When we are terrified by our enemy, it will make us treat every war like the last fight and devote ourselves thoroughly to it. Thus, confidence and pride are what we use to threaten the enemy, but fear is what brings us to victory. In the 21st century, most people are reckless and unaware of the world they live in, and that is the case most likely to nurture crisis. The vigilance, crisis awareness, and unremitting efforts of self-improvement are the spirits kept one unimpeachable. Remembering the past pain can remind us of the danger. Thus, no matter the environmental problems, political conflicts, racial discrimination, or sexual assault, etc, forbearance never solves the problem. Only when making ourselves powerful, and possessing the ability to fight back, we can walk out of the shade of any power, and truly be independent and formidable. If revenge is necessary in some cases, then accumulate the power and be ready for a fight, the fear and the past sorrow are the motives that makes us replenish our strength. The numerous bloody shots in the film are violent, which makes Sonnie’s revenge more immersive for the audience. That’s exactly the point I like about horror, the creepy scenes are unforgettable, which arise fear and alertness.

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Hi there! I am Sissi K. from Beijing, China. Being as a fan of Love, Death and Robot, I am really into the episode of Sonnie's Edge because it lets us to retrieve our alertness and soberness in the 21st century, which makes it an in-depth sci-fi rather than something just for entertainment.

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