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March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

I like the video Cars for its full of energy and laughs. The general idea of Cars is that an animated character named Lightning McQueen; voice of Owen Wilson wants the Piston Cup but gets lost in Radiator Springs on the way to California on the verge to win the trophy. I liked how he presents himself to want the Piston Cup but wants more than just fame. He meets some unusual but friendly people and realizes what he has been missing. McQueen is imprisoned at Radiator Springs for damaging the roads and he must re-do them before he can be let go. McQueen has tried to escape but a character named Hudson voice of Paul Newman catches him. McQueen has done the road but didn’t do it correctly so he has to do it over and when he was done he did not want to go. The character Hudson called the search team that had been looking for Lightning McQueen and told them that he was in Radiator Springs and to come get him. McQueen was upset when his trailer, Mac came to get him. He realized that his true quest was to find friends and that what he had with them was better than having the Piston Cup. I would think that the audience is directed more to people with a great sense of humor and likes a fun filled movie. I would recommend this film for its flexible personalities and humorous content. This movie is rated G., and is an entertainment film. Cars is directed by John Lasseter and Joe Ranft, produced by Disney and Pixar films.

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