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Pulp Fiction

December 20, 2021
By AjKruse GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
AjKruse GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Pulp Fiction. With no expectations, this movie is both witty and disturbing; Bringing a new kind of genre to the movie industry. From the very beginning, the movie is unpredictable, starting out with two hitmen in a cafe having a nonchalant conversation about how to pronounce big mac in other languages. About 2 minutes into the movie Violence and aggression are immediately presented with a delusional couple in attempts to rob the cafe but then….. Cut. Onto the next storyline of the movie. 

This superb film intertwines four tales of violence and aggression. some parts were pure comedy, others were deeply unsettling and made your stomach turn. The dialogue and character depth is what made this movie so unique, subtle commentary throughout the film was the perfect example of dark comedy. In times of seriousness and fear, Iconic characters will make a joke that is very inappropriate given the situation; giving the audience a better understanding of the twisted comedy theme.

The actors that were chosen for each role were odd but fit perfectly despite original beliefs that they may have not been a good choice for the roles. John Travolta, Grease movie star. A classic film that portrayed a light-hearted story with music and love. With quite a character difference, John played Vincent Vega a ruthless hitman. He was challenged with covering up murders whilst taking care of his boss’s wife who was a handful but one of the most iconic characters in film history, Mia Wallace, played by Uma Thurman.

The cinematography was aesthetically pleasing and provoking in each scene. One scene that stood out, in particular, during this movie was the iconic dance scene at the 50s themed diner between Vincent and Mia. The colors were attractive, with neon-colored lights in a dimmed setting with a gradient lens that gave you the true 90s feel. 

The film itself was bipolar however it was done so perfectly it was considered a masterpiece. The movie is difficult to place in one genre; it consisted of drama, thrill, comedy, action, suspense, tragedy, and twisted romance. Films like these are straightforward but intense, It makes you uncomfortable and in some ways feel out of control with your emotions. 

Pulp Fiction was an experience beyond other films of the 90s. This dark comedy engages the audience and was ranked top 10 in the world’s best film and has won several awards. I would highly recommend watching this film, It is filled with creativity and true art from the mind of Tarantino. However, I would also recommend watching with discretion because some scenes are extreme for the average viewer. 

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