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Austin Powers in Goldmember

September 11, 2019
By Anonymous

 Austin Powers in Goldmember is the third and final movie in the iconic Austin Powers franchise and concludes the adventures of Austin Powers wild spy missions. The movie revolves around Dr. Evil's attempt to destroy the world once and for all. Attempting to travel through time to retrieve Goldmember, a peculiar and clever Dutch criminal that is in love with gold, Dr. Evil believes he finally has the opportunity to destroy Austin Powers, by kidnapping his father, Nigel Powers, and also using a tractor beam to bring a meteor into the Earth's ice caps to melt the Arctic and then consequentially flood the world. Although Dr. Evil's plan to take down the planet seems formidable, in reality his snatching of Nigel Powers may be even more worrisome. Nigel is England's most beloved spy and is famous for his abilities to take on every criminal. In order to stop Dr. Evil, Austin Powers realizes that he's the only man for the job and ends up traveling through time to try to stop Goldmember from assisting Dr. Evil and to free his father from their clutches. Going back to the year 1975, the only known time of where Goldmember would be, Austin Powers quickly recruits Foxxy Cleopatra, an old friend of Austin's. Together they travel to various points in time and strive to combine their detective skills to free Nigel Powers and stop Dr. Evil and Goldmember from destroying the world as they know it. As all of this is occurring, both Dr. Evil and Austin Powers must deal with their father issues, since both of them don't have the greatest relationship with their parents, and in the process, more about their past is revealed. 
 Austin Powers in Goldmember continues the proud tradition of Austin Powers movies having plenty of laugh-out-loud fun and iconic jokes that will be sure to make their mark on audiences of all ages. While it shouldn't be surprising that an Austin Powers movie is funny, this might just be one of the most hilarious ventures in the entire franchise. While there's plenty of simple humor, like visual gags and naturally silly characters, such as Scott Evil and Number Two, there are also scores of complex and clever jokes that prove to be witty and sophisticated enough to please those who wish comedy to be of a more intelligent nature. While there's no doubt about the lighthearted and high-spirited tone of the movie, as well as the splendid humor that comes along with it, the movie isn't as cohesive as the original or the second movie in the franchise. The actual story doesn't quite click as well, and seems to rely more heavily on comedy than the plot itself. However, this never stops the movie from succeeding in acting as a satisfactory conclusion to the famous franchise and pleasing its die-hard fans with ease. 

 Austin Powers in Goldmember may rely on nearly all of the old tricks of the other movies, using plenty of the same strategies and throwing at audiences what they love best, but if it isn't broke, don't fix it. There are outstanding one-liners, quick whips and some truly astounding quotes that will be sure to resonate with viewers. 

 Austin Powers in Goldmember manages to tie up all loose knots in the franchise and end things on a relatively high-note. Mike Myers is once again at his finest, as expected, and he brings his magical charm to all of his roles, including Austin Powers himself, Dr. Evil, Goldmember and other fan-favorite characters. Seth Green continues to be delightful as Scott Evil, and Verne Troyer brings Mini-Me to life, but beyond all else, this is Mike Myers show. He's practically all of the main characters, and all of his comedic chops are showcased. Without him, it's nearly impossible to imagine an Austin Powers movie, but luckily for fans all across the world, this is simply not the case.

 While Austin Powers in Goldmember may not be the strongest movie in the franchise, it continues the mythos of the celebrated characters and sends them all off in a manner that can only bring joy. Without a doubt, this is an absolute must-see. 

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"Yeah, baby, yeah!" - Austin Powers

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