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The Spiderwick Chronicles

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

The Spiderwick Chronicles
Personally, I love the fantasy genre, so when my friend asked me to come see The Spiderwick Chronicles, I did not hesitate. The movie looked promising for the first several minutes, but the rest of the movie did not deliver.
The Spiderwick Chronicles is based on the series of the same name. The Grace family has recently been tested when their father left them, and their mother, who could no longer "afford" New York, moved them to a creepy looking house she inherited from her aunt.
The three Grace children discover the abandoned attic where the moody Jared discovers a book their ancestor wrote about the magical creatures he met.
In general, the movie did not explain what the powers of these creatures were. Many parts of the movie were cheesy and sappy. The movie left me an my friend a little confused, and a little disappointed.
One good thing about Spiderwick was Freddie Highmore who effortlessly played double roles as twins Jared and Simon Grace. Not only is he talented, but he has also mastered his American accent.
Overall, I wish that I had saved my $5.50 for something else. Out of five stars I would give it a 2.9- tops!

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