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The Amazing Spider-Man

July 7, 2019
By Anonymous

 The Amazing Spider-Man is the first Spider-Man movie since the conclusion of Sam Raimi's trilogy and is the first one with Andrew Garfield as the web-slinging superhero. The movie revolves around Peter Parker, who was abandoned by his parents and now lives with his aunt and uncle. Peter Parker quickly becomes Spider-Man with the gaining of his spider-like powers, but he is still searching for who he truly is as a person and the absence of his parents seems to really bother him. Despite his powers, Peter still has to deal with typical problems, like trying to find out what exactly his feelings are for his first crush, Gwen Stacy. His self-discovery period continues when he finds a mysterious briefcase that he discovers to have belonged to his father. Because of this finding, Peter soon begins a quest to find out why his parents disappeared that takes him to Oscorp. While at Oscorp, his quest causes him to interact with the lab of Dr. Curt Connors. Although Peter thinks that might finally be able to make a breakthrough in discovering who his parents really were, and that might help him in discovering who he is as a person, he soon comes into contact with Connor's alter ego, the Lizard, which is a gigantic lizard-like monster that will serve as a threat to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man as well. 
 The Amazing Spider-Man proves to be an action-packed adventure that explores what life is like for Peter Parker, both as a superhero and as an ordinary teenager. Unlike some of the other Spider-Man movies, this roller coaster attempted to place a slightly fresh spin on the character by making him more of a cool, popular, skater boy. Gone is the old version of Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker with this realistic version that helps to create a new reboot of the character. While some feel that this version of the character allows the movie to become far more believable and grounded, others find that this version destroys the whole notion of Peter Parker. Peter Parker was initially intended to be a nerdy teenager that got bullied and was severely flawed enough so that viewers everywhere could relate to the character. This meant that when Peter Parker gained his powers to become Spider-Man, anyone could have gained his powers and be like Spider-Man, which was meant to make the character more relatable and easy to root for. By getting rid of this and making the character a cool skater, it somewhat defeats why him gaining powers is so extraordinary for the rest of us. 

 Regardless on audiences' perceptions of how the web-slinger should be beneath the mask, The Amazing Spider-Man does still manage to have a story-driven plot that manages to be mostly thought through and well-executed. The beginning of the movie seamlessly acts as an introduction to this new version of Spider-Man, which is fairly important, especially considering that this is intended to be a reboot of the character. The middle of the movie does in fact do a marvelous job of progressing the plot along and manages to introduce the villain of the movie, as well as include plenty of character development for Peter Parker, including his relationship with Gwen Stacy. The enticing ending of the movie does wrap up the entire adventure and manages to include a few eccentric fight scenes that will be sure to please. 

 The Amazing Spider-Man does in fact boast a star-studded cast that mostly shines. Andrew Garfield puts his own spin on Peter Parker and brings emotion and passion to the role with his natural charisma and swag. Emma Stone gives a spectacular portrayal of Gwen Stacy, and her on-screen chemistry with Garfield's Peter Parker is simply perfect, considering that their two characters are supposed to each have romantic feelings for one another. There are some other notable roles, like Rhys Ifans' Dr. Curt Connor, but Garfield's Parker and Stone's Stacy are the true stars of the movie and steal the spotlight more often than not. 

 The Amazing Spider-Man is a fresh take on the web-slinging superhero that gifts audiences with another adventure involving the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. While this version of the character may not be for everyone, it will certainly provide viewers with a new perspective, and therefore, their perceptions of the teenager will absolutely be transcended. For fans of the character, this is certainly a must-see, and for others, this is still worth watching, because at times, the movie does feel as inspirational and amazing as Spider-Man himself. 

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"You know in the future if you're gonna steal cars, don't dress like a car thief man." - Peter Parker/Spider-Man

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