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March 21, 2008
By Anonymous


First and foremost, this was a great movie! I loved the way that the story line tied in with countless other Disney classics. I also thought that it was witty and hilarious! I even loved the slight cheesiness of it!
The story starts in an animated world where Gisele is looking for her "prince charming". She finds him and is about to be married when an evil queen pushes her down a wishing well. This in turn takes her to live-action New York City. At the news of her plunge down the ominous well, Edward, her dashing prince, follows her lead and takes a leap. He is accompanied by a chipmunk and one of his stepmother's (the evil queen) servants. Eventually, he finds her, but it's not exactly perfect. It has an ending that is certainly not typical in Disney films.
It is a good movie for teens and children alike. It was pure Disney magic. It was fabulous!

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