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ARC Review: 101 Dude Perfect Tricks, Tips, and Cool Stuff by Dude Perfect

July 12, 2021
By Mist SILVER, Anchorage, Alaska
Mist SILVER, Anchorage, Alaska
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Dude Perfect’s new book is full of tricks, tips, and cool stuff!

Its colorful, easy-to-read format is great for kids of all ages. From simple explanations to fun pictures, anyone interested in learning new tricks is bound to pick up something new. The energetic tone throughout the book makes the book really friendly and proves to be really encouraging, especially in the more difficult feats. 

The steps, advice, and suggestions are very thorough. The authors don’t just include the recipe for sugar glass - they also include a variety of tricks, awesome tips worth knowing, and past mistakes so that avid readers can have more successful attempts with it. The book is limitless in every way. Sugar glass and old-school water bottle trick shots aren't the only possibilities. From trick shots in basketball to wiffle ball to football, the book has got everything covered. Also be prepared for some intense Dirt Bike Battles and trampoline trick shots! The ideas are endless, and Dude Perfect even invites the audience to create their own spinoffs. 

The only drawback is grammar, which could use occasional work. While English isn’t the main focus of the book, it’s something to consider if youth are using the book to learn to read.

Dude Perfect’s book is great for anyone who wants to casually learn a few party tricks. There is always an emphasis on pushing your limits and trying new things. Now get out there and explore!

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