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Midnight Sun (Twilight, #1.5) by Stephenie Meyer

March 29, 2016
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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 A tale of love is a hard one to tell. Full of heart breaks and makes up, keeping your soul mate to yourself is a job in itself. From classic stories like Romeo and Juliet, to myths like Helen and Paris. Love is what makes us human, and even within a time of despair, love will conquered all and bring our race to the light. Which is why stories like plain old Bella, who falls in love with this super-hot vampire is exciting, as it takes two people, who are completely different, forces them in love to see what they will do to stay that way. We herd Bella’s perspective and how much she would do anything for Edward, but let’s see his side, as how someone like him could fall in love with someone as frail as her.

He knew her before he saw her. When Bella showed up for the first day of school, Edward already knew everything about her. He saw her trough other’s mind, seeing how she reacted to their questions, and how she handled herself at the new school. He knew that every guy thought she was hot, but to him she was just another human, others were only interested in her because she was new. Edward tries not to pay attention to human’s thoughts, only to see if they were thinking of his family. After all it was his responsibility as the mind reader to see if people were catching on to what his family was. Yet the thing that confused Edward the most about Bella was he couldn’t read her. All the other’s he heard their thoughts like their voice, yet for Bella’s voice was silence. That didn’t bother him as much he couldn’t read her father either, as his voice has always been quieter than others, yet still there. Still this strange girl had nothing on the Cullen’s, until Edward had his first class with her, which turned his world upside down.

Nothing out of the ordinary. She walked into the class, greeted the teacher, and sat next to Edward, who was the only table that had one person at it. It wasn’t until her scent reached him that he reacted: “Her sent hit me like a wrecking ball, like a battering ram. There was no image violent enough to encapsulate the force of what happened to me that moment. In that instant I was nothing close to the human I’d once been, no trace of the sheds of humanity I’d manage to clock myself in remain. I know what would happen. The girl would have to come sit beside me, and I would have to kill her.” So how does he goes from that to loving her? Edward sees Bella as frail, yet she’s smarter than she looks, as she notice Edward’s changing eye color (black means thirsty, gold means fed) which no others have notice from them. Sharing their knowledge over biology as Edward took this class a thousand of times, and Bella was in AP biology back in Phoenix Edward starts to notice little things about her that he loved. “I smiled too, without choosing too. I wasn’t trying to make her feel at ease, her smile just made me want to smile in response to be in on the secret.”  With Rosalie and Jasper wanting to kill Bella themselves, Emmett telling Edward it’s okay if he kills her, and Alice vision of being best friends with Bella, Edward becomes her protector, keeping her out of harm’s way, his family, but not himself. Alice is the only one on his side, telling Japer to not kill her as she tells him “I’m going to love her someday, Jazz. I’ll be very put out with you if you don’t let her be.” With those words Jasper promises not to hurt Bella. Edwards knows he should leave the girl alone, but he can’t, and rather take the easy road by loving her, than spending his life avoiding his one true love.

Stephenie Meyer took the first Twilight book and rewrote it so we readers can find out what Edward was feeling the whole time Bella was falling in love with him, even after she knew what he love. This is a good book as it tells you how close Edward is to his family, how hard it was to him who was constantly surrounded by three perfectly matched lovers, knowing his love in a human he has to tell himself every time he sees her not to kill her. It was well written, and fast pace, with only slight confusing as there are a ton of characters to remember, and knowing what Edward hears out loud, and what he mind reads. You get to see how plain Bella is, as Edward first sees her as plain, until her scent turned him on. This book for you twilight lovers is good, it gives a different perspective on the story, showing how someone like Edward could fall in love with Bella. 

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Someone like him, could fall for a girl like her?

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