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Heaven (Halo, #3) by Alexandra Adornetto

September 18, 2014
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Heaven is supposed to be nice. A quite white place filled with love and self-satisfaction. Where the already dead wait in their paradise for their living loved ones to join them.  After all, what do you want than after a hard journey through life, to finally for an eternity to relax? For Bethany and her mortal boyfriend Xavier, they literally have been to hell and back. But finally they are together, as husband and wife. Yet when they said their vows, not everyone was pleased, and decided to strike back.

Bethany and Xavier have been through it all. Xavier even brought Bethany back from hell. So at the end of the second book it came no surprise when he asks Bethany for her hand in marriage. Yet this defies the whole heaven as it is against the law for their marriage. Yet they go against the law and pounces their "I do's". This unleashes a whole new level of hell upon the couple.  When Gabriel and Ivy find out, the quickly rush the couple to safety away from Heaven's secret military force the Sevens. The Sevens are determined to keep Bethany and Xavier apart, but what do they consider a necessary act of evil?

Bethany does not do well in isolation. Yes Xavier is with her, but unable to touch him in case the Sevens can sense it, makes it even worse. The Sevens are excellent hunters and quickly found Bethany and Xavier.  When they manage to get away, Gabriel and Ivy needed to find a new spot for them. It was Bethany who gave them the new idea of hiding in plain sight. Meaning that Bethany and Xavier finally get to go off to collage. But there they find new problems, with the Sevens but also keeping their relationship secret. Even worse when an old friend from the past shows up, with her new devil-in-disguise boyfriend. Bethany and Xavier will have to fight tooth and nail to save their relationship, as Xavier has already given everything he got, is Bethany willing to give up the most important thing, in order to live a life with Xavier?

Oh my Alexandra Adornetto, you took a trip with this one. This book is the last one in the trilogy and it is no better than the first two. Bethany big moment was surviving in hell (which was not that hard with Jake making her untouchable) and other than that and her sacrifices she did not do much. I do not even know why Xavier loves her considering what he has to do and give up all for her. Although the reason why Xavier can handle it was a complete shock twist. It would have been more unreal if Gabriel did it and not Ivy. Other than that it is a good book. Not one to re-read but a good book to end the just good series.

The author's comments:

A Good final for the series. 

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