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Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3) by Richelle Mead

April 24, 2014
By Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Teenage_Reads ELITE, Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Spring. The time the flowers bloom knowing that winter over and summer is yet to come. At senior year Rose just wants to graduate. After watching Mason died and her first Strigoi kill she has not been feeling well. With Adrian is spouting off about her dark aura and Lissa using magic again Roes life has been anything but easy.

Yet it is time for a big exam for all novices who want to graduate and become guardians. This test is that for six weeks they get assigned to a Moroi to protect from fake Strigoi attacks. When Rose does not get Lissa, she was more than a little upset. Rose not having the bond to her new Moroi does not do as well as a job as she could have. Yet she bonds with this Moroi making readers swoon with love for Rose. Yet Rose tries to keep her Moroi safe, she experiences a side effect of being shadowed kissed. This new discovery sends her life into a spin with only one hand hold: Dimitri. Yes Rose and Dimitri’s forbidden love are still going on. Yet this book sends it into a tornado that it could not possibly survive from. Dimitri got his fate read saying “You will lose what you value most…” Making things a whole lot more complicated for him and arose.

Richelle Mead is a star for writing. Once again, she captures us into Rose world. Making us swoon and cry for her. The ending of this book will make you cry and scream for days. This is the third of six books in the series, which means more of Rose’s adventure waits. Lissa’s relationship grows bigger, Adrian puppy love from Rose is still there with Rose and Dimitri clinging on to anything they have left. Yet this time, Roes will have to choose between the two people who matter most to her. And whatever she picks is not going to be pretty.

The author's comments:
Book 3 out of 6! Almost down, cannot wait to see what happens next!

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