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Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia

January 28, 2014
By Amanda24 DIAMOND, Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Amanda24 DIAMOND, Lynnfield, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
" Move on. It's just a chapter in the past. But dont close the book, just turn the page.

I really enjoyed the twilight saga and once they ended I was so sad. So one day my mom actually went to the book store to see if she could pull me out of this twilight withdrawl and find me a new book. She brought me home a book called Beautiful Creatures. Judging from the looks of the book it seemed pretty interesting. Now I am the type to always read the last sentence of a books ending, so bad I know. The last sentence was very interesting and made me want to readd it even more. After I read the book I fell in love all over again! The love story between Lena and Ethan is beautiful and made me a little envious not going to lie. The bond between the two was very loving and strong and it really drew me in. It was new to me with reading aboout witches or in this case they call themselves casters and it was like I had entered a whole new world
Also, the suspense of wanting to know if Lena was going to be choosen for the light or dark made me want to read even more. It was also different how the charchters talked, they were more modernized whitch I liked alot. After reading the first book in the a day I quickly went out to buy the whole series. The movie was amazing as well but I highly sugest reading the book first.

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