October 18, 2007
By Jessica Maldonado, S.Sioux City, NE

(To find out how I survived 7th grade)

By: Denise Vega

Erin P. Swift and Jilly have been best friends since they were in kindergarten, but they have never been separated in school. Now they're entering 7th grade but they aren't on the same team. When they find out their not on the same team their life's change. Many things happen to Erin that makes her school year not the greatest but with a very happy ending. The biggest mistake that she did was giving out (on accident) her disk where she had her secret web site were she kept all her feelings. Even Jilly's secret is in it! Will Jilly get mad for what she thinks Erin did on purpose? Will they ever be best friends again? Well if you want to know all the drama that happens and how it ends I suggest for all teenagers of any age to read it. This book was truly enjoyable and absorbing. The character that made this book astonishing is Erin p. swift because she put all her feelings towards the book. From a scale of one through ten, I give it a ten as being the best.

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