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November 5, 2007
By Anonymous

Lucky Review

Alice Sebold's, Lucky is definitely I have never read a story about a rape before, so for this being the first one, I could not put it down once I started reading. Sebold led to me feel as if I was in that tunnel the night she was being raped. The fact that this book is a memoir, and is a true story really makes it eye catching. At points as I was reading this memoir, I began to get the goose bumps because it made me feel as if I was sitting there, watching all of this happen.

My favorite character in this book is of course, Alice. She is such a strong person, and undergoes such a horrible experience. After the rape, Alice finds a distant space between herself and everyone else. No one is sure how to treat her, and Alice hates the different approach people have to her because they know that she “is the raped one.” She learns to deal with this, and become a strong person.

After recovering for a summer, she goes back to school. Back at school in the fall, Alice finds that she has unintentionally achieved a sort unwanted celebrity-like reputation; although her mystery was never officially compromised, many know her name, if not her face. Having moved to a new dorm, she is stunned when people say things like, "You moved here from Marion [her old dorm]? Did you know the girl who was raped?" She is also surprised to learn that many people assumed she would leave school. The response they expect from her is shame; what they get is defiance.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Whether boy or girl, it is good to read. For a girl, realize what can happen to just about anyone, and the horrible consequences for actions like being by you late at night. It will make you realize that you need to be more careful, even when you think you are safe. And as for boys, it will make you realize the horrible ways that other men can treat women. It will make you realize that someone who you might be friends with, or know, could be one of these men that feel the need to do this to innocent women and girls.

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