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the hunger games by Suzanne Collins

November 13, 2013
By Dat.Ginger.Bread.Man BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
Dat.Ginger.Bread.Man BRONZE, Charleston, West Virginia
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The book Huger Games is written by Suzanne Collins. She also made the second book in the series Catching Fire. She also made the third book in the series Mockingjay. So far all of the books Suzanne Collins has made were gold. Suzanne Collins writing is quirky and inspiring.

The Hunger Games is a fictional story. The story takes place in what looks like the future. Peeta Katniss they live in the same district. They live in district 12 which is the coal district. Though if you win The Hunger Games you get fame and fortune.

It all starts out when snow’s men are picking someone to be in the Hunger Games. Katniss gets picked and a little girl gets picked. Then, Petta switches himself for the little girl.

They travel to the Hunger Games arena for practice. At the beginning no one thought petta would be very good. Until she starts showing off to the sponsors. Then, She gets done with the training and the Hunger Games is about to start.

I think Suzanne Collins did a wonderful job on this book. Though I lost track a couple of times while reading this book. Since this is her first book in the series, she has potential to be one of the best authors of all time. She knows what to put in a book to make it exciting. That is why she is a good author.

So this was the Hunger Games. A story that I had a very fun time reading .It was one of the better books I have read. So this was my review of the Hunger Games, I hope you found this helpful. See you later im gonna go read Catching Fire.

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