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Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner

February 27, 2008
By Anonymous

When reading books, people have a tendency to judge them before they sink their teeth in. This piece of literature is dripping with sarcasm, but underneath this cupcakes coating is a core of acceptance. Jennifer Weiner somehow finds the perfect blend of elements to create a completely irresistible story that draws you in with all its cunning wit.

Cannie Shapiro is a writer for the Philadelphia Examiner, but instead of noticing her immense talent and intelligence, people see her weight as she walks down the street. Her father up and left her family but not without first scarring Cannie with his statements about her weight. In her childhood home her mother now lives with another woman, her partner. Bruce, Cannie's ex-boyfriend, writes an article about their not-too-official break-up, and that's where the journey begins.

Good in Bed is a must on every woman's bookshelf. It's uplifting and inspirational to any female who has ever looked in the mirror and felt society's cookie cutter image pressed upon her. The way that Cannie deals with every obstacle makes her a role model in everyway. So take a bite, of this delightful treat; it might be your flavor.

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