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Mates, Dates, and Sole Survivors by Cathy Hopkins

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you have a bunch of friends that you're always with? Do you have girls that are always there for you? If so, this may be the book for you! I liked this book cause it reminded me of my friends and I. This book has drama and love, with boys and friends.

A group of girls are spending most of the summer together in their hometown in London. The main character is Lucy, and she has a problem. She feels like and outsider because all of her friends have boyfriends and she doesn't. She used to go on and off with her friend's brother, but he decided that he didn't want to keep on going on the way they were dating. Lucy goes with her dad to a workshop that's far away. She meets this guy there and she thinks he's the perfect boy. Will her dream guy be the one? Will her friend's relationships work?

I recommend this book to any girl. Guys can read it to if the want but I mostly recommend it for girls. Cathy Hopkins, the author of Mates, Dates, and Sole Survivors, has an interesting style. In the dialogue that she uses, you can tell that it takes place in England. I give this book 10 out of 10. I thought that it was well written and the dialogue and the uses of the words are amazing.

This book kept me reading and reading till I was finished. I couldn't even put the book down. You really get into the story and you can feel what the characters are feeling. I say that you should read it, so go to your local library or bookstore and read it!


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