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Beyond the Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

March 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you want to be the Assigner for the Vigils? Return of the Chocolate War is about a group of kids that are part of a secret organization called the Vigils, which is an organization in side the school. The Vigils have missions assigned to certain people so they can help maintain order in the school with a twist. The person that assigns missions is Archie and he has a lot of people that do what ever he tells them to do because they are afraid that he might use his power of being an assigner to assign them an embarrassing mission. Obie is the person that keeps information on all the people at the school so that they know who to assign the missions to.

There is a new kid named Ray Bannister who is good with magic and is known as a loner. The Goober spoke to Jerry's father about having him help Jerry get better and become more social. Archie was angry with Obie for not telling him about the new kid named Ray sooner because they like to use new kids for certain missions. A quote from the book is “Sorry, Obie.” After Archie picked a white marble from the black box. Another quote from the book is, “This school is weird.” Ray said this to Obie after he told Ray his background before Ray told him.

The quotes are very interesting because they give you an inside look on how the characters think and who they really are beyond the surface. I recommend this book because it easy to relate and it has a lot of interesting characters in it, some are nice and some are mean. After reading this book, you should ask yourself; “Do I really want to be the Assigner for the Vigils?”

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