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Two Steps Forward by Rachel Cohn

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Be prepared to enter the loving, yet crazy life of Annabel as she falls in love with the hot athlete god and falls out of step with her best friend and step-sister.

Annabel, her mom and her new baby sister are visiting her dad…in Los Angeles! Her parents have been divorced for years and Annabel has grown to be ok with it especially now since she has a new step-sister, Lucy. Lucy is Annabel's dads' new wife's daughter. Lucy and Annabel are so close and would never let anything separate them…or so they thought. See what happens when Ben, the hot athlete comes to Los Angeles and Annabel soon finds herself falling head over heels.

Two Steps Forward jolts you into their family crises and rollercoaster moods and doesn't let go. As you get trapped into their unbelievable adventures and hilarious moments you soon find yourself gripping the to book to stay in the wonderfully crazy story of Two Steps Forward

Two Steps Forward is filled with drama, humor and especially romance. It was an excellent book that teaches you to keep going on even when life gives you lemons. I recommend this book to any teenage girl.

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