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Storm Thief by Chris Wooding

March 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Imagine a magical place where you can do anything you want. That kind of place where everyone was happy and lives like a king or queen. However, Orokos is not a such a place. Orokos is a city of chaos, a city where violent storms called probability storms had attacked it for more than six hundred years. Orokos is a city where no one can be safe and in such a city no one dares to dream. But in this city there is a dreamer, a big dreamer called Moa. Moa, is a thief, she works with a boy named Rail and in city like Orokos it's rare for people to work together. Orokos is the kind of city you can't afford to think others. The city where only the strongest and most selfish survive. Both Rail and Moa had struggled to stay alive and now they have stolen an artifact that will help live the life they always wanted to live. An artifact that can give them anything they want. The "Storm Thief" by Chris Wooding has opened door to another world that never lets you let out the book down.

This is book filled with hope and dreams.Even if Orokos is no place for dreams. Even if probability storms that attacked Orokos could change whatever they touch and turn everything into something much worse.Even if the main characters Rail and Moa are people of the ghettoes.The people who are marked for life because they are poor. The people who never get any freedoms or rights because the rich folks thinks they are lazy and stupid. However it is because Rail and Moa lived through all this the "Storm Thief" is book for dreamers. Because they have been through so much, they can dream big when they obtained the artifact.What they have been trough made Rail the full-of-courage, selfish, stubborn character he is and it made Moa that kind, honest, dreamer character. What they have been thought made Rail able to double-cross their boss and take the artifact. And what they have been thought made Moa able to trust and meet the golem Vago(who would save their life later).

At first when Rail and Moa took the artifact all they could do was run, because they knew if they didn't run their old boss would surely catch them and kill them. They were so lost and at this time they met another lost person. The golem Vago. Vago was running away from his master's beatings and wanted to find his true maker, Tukor Kelp. Vago was is nothing but a corpse made of metal and flesh. Vago was ugly. Anyone who saw him would run from him, anyone who saw him would be scared of him. But Moa was not, when she saw him she treated him with kindness and treated him like he was a person not a golem. And Vago staied with Moa. This later became a choice that saved Moa's life. When Rail made a foolish decision of entering the Revenants' territory. Revenants are one of the examples of the horrible things the probability storms do. Revenants are energy ghosts that kill with a single touch and take over their vitiams' bodies to use as their own. They have no body but are able to pass through any walls that stand in their way. And Rail made a bad decision when he chose to hide in Territory West 190. The Revenants' territory. The Revenants quickly found Rail's hiding spot and came chasing after them. If Rail and Moa had been alone they would have never survived the Revenants' attack. But Vago was with them. In the book it said, 'The weapon seemed like an natural extension of him. He held it like he was born with it, moving with military precision." Vago fought the Revenants all he had and for a while it seemed like he could defeat them. But in the end, the Revenants were stronger. They did try to run and both Vago and Rail manged to escape with no harm done. However, it was not that way for Moa. Moa was touched by a Revenant and seemed like she was dieing. But, both Rail and Vago could not let Moa die. They both desperately needed Moa to live, they both loved Moa. And in this situation, there only one thing they could do. They had to go Kilatas, Moa's home.

Kilatas is a land of dreams. And now when Rail and Vago brought Moa to Kilatas he knew why Moa was such a big dreamer. Everyone in Kilatas was a dreamer willing to risk everything for their dreamers. And now, the people of Kilatas are trying to do something no one would even are to think of. The people of Kilatas are trying to get away from Orokos and find land out there. That was something no one ever would do. Orokos was all there is, there nothing but sea beyond Orokos and trying to get away from Orokos only spelled death. But with the dreamers of Kilatas, there is nothing that is impossible. These people only wanted wanted one thing and that was freedom. The people of Kilatas were preparing for this day for years and finally they are also ready to leave the land that made them live in fear. And when Moa woke up, she too was ready to risk her life. Because she is one of Kilatas too. However Rail was not ready for this dream, this dream was too big for him. He could not understand the true meaning of freedom and what possibles the land out there could give him. Rail is scared of failing and can see anything beyond Orokos. Rail is not ready for this dream, but he isn't alone. Vago was not ready for this dream either.

However, Vago's reasons for not being ready for this dream was much different from Rail's. Vago was not ready, because he knows nothing of his past. For Vago, unable to remember who he truly is and where he truly comes from makes him unable to move on with future. He has no fear of failing and is willing to go search for the outside land. But he knows if he goes he can never come back and that means he has to find out about his past now or he can never. However, during his journey of finding his past he was captured by the serect police. (The serect police are police of Orokos, but they only protect the rich citizens. They couldn't care less about the poor people like Moa and Rail.) At frist Vago wondered why the serect police would be after him but when Bane,the serect polices' boss, told Vago about his past. Everything started to make perfect sense. Vago was a serect police created weapon. That's why he could fight off Revenants so easily, he made to do so. And he was Tukor Kelp he was his own maker, he chose to make himself into a golem. All this shock was more than enough for Vago to handle, but life is harsh, that wasn't all of Vago's past. Vago was also a murderer, he killed and robbed 20 people before he was turned into a weapon. When Vago knew of all this he was shocked out of his mind, and he knew couldn't go back to Moa knowing all this. So he built a wall around his broken heart, becoming lifeless, allowing the serect police to do what they pleased with him.

Vago's escape also had an effect on Moa's side. When the people of Kilatas found out about Vago's they would let Moa or Rail go on their ships. The people of Kilatas have worked too long and too hard for their dream, and they can't let it end now. So they made a deal with Moa and Rail, if Moa and Rail can get Vago back before they sail off. They will let Moa on their ships. And so Moa and Rail set off in a journey to find Vago. They do find Vago, but they were also captured by the serect police. And when they meet Vago again they are shocked to not see the childlike and kind Vago they were searching for. They found the new conditioned evil Vago. But it didn't matter to Rail what Vago had become. He only wanted to full fill his part of the deal he made with the people of Kiliatas. So he made a deal with the serect police as well. The serect police wanted to destroy the chaos engine, the thing that caused the probability storms and made no one safe. But in order to get into the chaos engine, the sercet police needed the artifact. The artifact that Rail and Moa had took. Rail also wanted to get rid of the chaos engine, because he knew how horrible probability storms were. So Rail and Moa agree with the serect police to get them inside of the chaos engine and they are free to leave with the people of Kiliatas.

The day when the serect police were suppose to bomb the chaos engine came. And Moa used the artifact to open the chaos engine. Then serect police marched into the chaos engine hoping to destroy the cause of the violent probability storms, but only finding that inside the chaos engine was a breeding ground of Revenants. While the serect police were busy fight the Revenants, Rail and Moa tried to make a run for it. However, Vago(now evil) noticed them and chased after them. Rail and Moa ran around the chaos engine hoping to find a way out. And the came across a very special room. The room where the maker of the chaos engine explained to them explain to them everything. The markers of the chaos engine left their homeland wanting to build a perfect land. But when they did built the perfect land, they felt everything was too peaceful and perfect that life loss it's meaning. So they made the chaos engine to create chaos and a lawless land. After being told this both Rail and Moa were shocked but also happy because there really was a land out there. However, happy moments never last long. The now evil Vago soon caught up Rail and Moa treating to kill them. All Rail's hope seemed to disappear, he knew Vago will kill them and they had no chance of escaping. But Moa did not give up all hope. She believe that the childlike Vago she once knew was still there and desperately cried put to him. An din the end her cries did reach the true Vago. Vago then scarified his own life to save Rail and Moa's life and deliver them to the people of Kiliatas. The people of Kiliatas saw this and quickly allowed Rail and Moa on their ships to set sail for the land beyond.

The "Storm Thief" by Chris Wooding is truly a book for dreams. It doesn't only show how even the most impossible dreams can true, but also the hardships that come along with a dream. You can't have a dream come true only by thinking about it or wishing for it to come true. You have to work hard for it and never let anything or what anyone says about your dream come in your way. The dream of both Moa and the people of Kiliatas seemed impossible to do in Orokos. And there was Rail who thought Moa's dream would only get herself killed. It's the same in life whatever dream you may have always seems impossible at first and there was always plenty of people like Rail, who think your crazy. But when you overcome all the hardship everyone will take back what they have said about you and acknowledged you. Don't think of hardship as something bad, because when you overcome them your dream will seem only better. Never give up, there is always a way overcome everything. No matter how many times you fail.

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