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By Anonymous

Review by C. J., Salem, NH
   The uninterested sigh that had escaped my lipswhen my teacher handed me a copy of Amy Tan's The Kitchen God'sWife turned into words of praise. Some might think the author ofsuch stories as The Joy Luck Club isn't much of an adventure writer,but after reading this book, they should be pleasantlysurprised.

   The book starts off describing a migrant Chinese family and theircurrent situation in the United States, but soon it shifts to a taleof a woman's struggle with her terrible husband and the even moreterrible World War II. Suddenly, I found myself concerned aboutcharacters which 60 pages before I had found annoying and boring. AmyTan does a wonderful job developing the characters, whose emotionsseem so real and intense at points it becomes nearly impossible notto laugh when they laugh, and cry when they cry.

   Before long, I found I had read far past the pages assigned by myteacher and was staying up until all hours to read. The plot won'tlet you put it down. I remained on the edge of my seat as I followedthe characters through their death-defying adventures in war-tornChina, and as the protagonist's incredible battle with her inhumanhusband unfolds. The story is so well written that my tired eyes,rather than the book, would end up closing at late hours more thanonce. One of the most adventurous, exciting and emotional books Ihave ever read, The Kitchen God's Wife is a piece ofliterature I highly recommend.

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