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January 25, 2019
By Anonymous

The walking dead, this book will explain what happens if a zombie apocalypse happens. It's one of the best graphic novel, action, fictions, and a thriller book. It all started by him waking up in a hospital after getting shot because he's a police, when he worked up, there wasn't anyone on the floor he was on, when he continue walking he seen a lot of dead corpse walking, when he saw them he escaped the hospital and met someone on the way.

When he met them, he gave them an extra car at from the police station and also gave them guns for protection. And then he took a car driving toward the city. When he ran out of gas, he then found a horse and rode that to the city instead, but when he went to the city he then realise he was surrounded by these walking corpses, but luckily he was save with the horse dying. The person who saved him name was glenn, but rick than realized that glenn was in the same camp site as ricks wife, sherry.

They then started traveling because they were closed to the city where it was dangerous. They took refuge at this prison after clearing the walking corpse for safety, when they entered there were people inside the prison and there was plenty of food in the prison, so they all took rooms and stayed at the prison. While they stay there, they steadily increase the supplies and while doing that they encountered another group of survivors,the other group attack the prison with a tank, and destroy the protection of the prison.



Sadly ricks wife died and the others splitted up taking refuge in a farm. The farmer, kept walking corpses in a farm, because he believe there was still hope for them to survive. But rick kept telling him he should finish them. When those corpses killed his children due to an incident, they had to kill the walking corpses then after the accident.

This summary is only a part of the story. But i would recommend the book to anyone because it's easy to read, and everyone would start to like graphic novels after they read it. This book also support good leadership.

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