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Oh my love, why dost thou lip quak'st so?

November 5, 2014
By TheGhostWriter SILVER, Denton, North Carolina
TheGhostWriter SILVER, Denton, North Carolina
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Oh my love, why dost thou lips quak'st so?

What causes thine eyes to spill such tears of sorrow?

Who is there to blame,

For I will smite thee in thine tracks.

No, my love, do not weep'st so.

Your tears are like daggars in mine own heart.

I cannot bear the weight of thy sorrow.

It is so strong, so fierce, yet I cannot put it down.

I will carry thy sorrow my love.

I will carry it to where the eat and the west meet.

Do not weep, dearest of mine.

Weeping is like screaming and screaming is very hard to hear.

My angel, my unblossomed flower, tell me what plagues thou so much.

What dost cause the mourning in thine bed?

Your pillow drips my love.

It drips with tears shed over so many hours and nights spent all alone.

I will cradle thee, my love, my unblossomed flower.

Do not fret, do not weep.

The pain you feel is one felt by many.

The tears you shed has been shed by all.

This love of mine is so fierce, so strong, do not turn away from it for you cannot.

I will love thee as long as the breath of Heaven dost flow through my lips.

Your heart is in my chest just as mine is in yours.

Your pain is so real that ignoring it is impossible.

The burden you carry is wieghty in my bossom.

The tears that falls from thine eyes wet my very cheeks.

An eye so blue, wet with salty tears reflects the ocean in such perfect mastery.

I drown in your gaze for I forget how to breath.

How dost one breathe when gazing into an endless river?

My beautiful,  cadesant, unblossomed flower, cease thy weeping for tears do not deserve the honor of weting thine cheeks.

Oh my love, why dost thou lip quak'st so?

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on Nov. 20 2014 at 12:29 pm
Princess.Renda GOLD, Travelers Rest, South Carolina
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GhostWriter, this is so beautiful!! I absolutly love the way you write, its so perfect and amazing. I wish I had your skills darlin, really, you have some serious talent there! <3 I cannot wait to read more :)