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November 11, 2011
By Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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I trip and fall over everything in my path.

I have the worst luck walking.

When I am on my horse I feel there is no math,

To walking to running, even talking.
People like me are not afraid
Of falling, not afraid of injuries of any kind.
It’s natural to us maybe not made
That way for your life style. In your mind

Accidents are probably less eventful.

I don’t feel accident-prone as I’m told.

I am not ashamed or resentful.

Although I still hold
The title. I am proud. Wouldn’t you be?
I am proud to just be me.

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WordWeaver said...
on Nov. 18 2011 at 8:42 am
It must be wonderful to be more balanced on a horse than anywhere else; I wish I was...and also not afraid to fall off - because it goes hand-in-hand with riding!