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I Can't Write a Sonnet!

June 18, 2011
By ZoeK. GOLD, Mechanicsville, Maryland
ZoeK. GOLD, Mechanicsville, Maryland
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I do not know how to write a sonnet.
They are really frustrating to write.
It’s hard to rhyme hmm …. Lets go with bonnet?
This sonnet will probably be a fright.

This will probably be the worst ever.
It will not make much sense to anyone
As bad as false report of good weather
I will probably be the one to shun

But look, guess what? I am writing one now!
It’s a twist you wouldn’t have expected.
For now, so sorry, but I must tell you ciao.
But this ending is what was suspected.

Okay, that was not as hard as I thought,
For nothing is impossible I’ve taught.

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