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Shared Feelings

March 22, 2011
By RobertoO PLATINUM, Barrington Hills, Illinois
RobertoO PLATINUM, Barrington Hills, Illinois
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Hurt by what we don’t know,
Driven by what we can not feel,
If only it would show,
Others would know that it is real.

Mere stranger under a cloudy sky,
Humble messenger, trustworthy guide,
Sent, to bring back what was meant to die,
Finally, the power to confide.

Unlocked from the concrete maze,
Grey walls melt in radiant normalcy,
Bright new world, I set my gaze.
The uncovered secret of how to be.

Screams now muffled by this new control,
Set free, free to embark on such the world, so vast,
The panoramic shall keep me full,
Glorified shield, I just hope that this will last.

Hindered by what I “want” to be,
Driven through my false make,
Filtered abstract, all that I see,
I love all that is fake.

Perfection in my own eyes,
Everything that is held dear,
A world free of all the cries,
And all that we have learned to fear.

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