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Deepest Regret

March 5, 2023
By liv1010 BRONZE, New Paris, Ohio
liv1010 BRONZE, New Paris, Ohio
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The tears fall from my face,

As the pain starts to taunt me

Slice upon my wrist where it’ll leave a trace

What would it take for someone to see?

You said you’d protect me, but you were never there

How is it possible a person like you hardly even cared? 

The pain that you caused, were you even aware?

If only it could have been my heart that you spared.

Every time I see you my stomach starts to turn

You put me through hell, not once, but twice

What I’d give to let all your stuff burn

Sticking with you has really made me pay a price.

If I had one dream, it’d be to say goodbye to you for the rest of my life,

Because being around you is like being stabbed in the back with a knife.

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