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September 27, 2021
By Paige3018 SILVER, Iuka, Mississippi
Paige3018 SILVER, Iuka, Mississippi
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Feeling of sick before going to see them 

Knocking at the door, trembling right there

Getting to see those beautiful bright gems

Hoping that you don’t notice that I stare 

All I hear in my ear is the loud pound 

My heart jumps at the thought of your cute smile 

I stand there flushed, looking at the bare ground 

My heart feeling like I ran a whole mile

All I hear is what my heart wishes to gush 

I start stuttering trying to speak but fail

You stare at me, looking a little flushed 

My heart drops and I look a little pale 

I finally get the courage to say it loud 

I love you I say feeling really proud

The author's comments:

Everyone knows that type of feeling when you go to ask someone out. This poem is supposed to show and tell how it feels, how nervous someone can get. 

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