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The Circus

September 23, 2021
By Prisha_05 BRONZE, Bangalore Rural, Other
Prisha_05 BRONZE, Bangalore Rural, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I had sculpted something,
Should I be proud of it?
Was it perfect or,
Was bound to have cracks in it?

What is in the tent?

Asks the child to her father,

"It's a circus, my dear,

So, let's go there little feather."


(What is there in pretense?

The circus clown smiles,

The ringmaster yells-

Cloud nine is a disguise.)


"What is he making?"

The two have now come out.

"Those are corn dogs honey.

Look! He has made a mound."


(He takes the sticky meat,

The tingly batter covers it.

The oil simmers,

His finger- he's burnt it.)


"What is in that?"

They walk on.

"That's a monkey darling,

Look at it sprawl."


(It rubs its furry face,

It twitches and whimpers.

The whip strikes.

The little guy is the receiver.)


They move on.

The mother's looking at the skies.

She's wondering what makes,

One lose their smile.


Their daughter's days reduced,

While mom could only pray.

"Mum, what's the matter?"

"Nothing angel", I say.

The author's comments:

How many times do we overlook the pain behind someone's happiness? The clown, the man making the corn dogs, the monkey, and the little girl, are just tiny examples. Isn't our life too just like this circus?

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